The FIRST EDITION makes the new generation GRUNDODRILL drilling rigs JCS130 and ACS130 even better now: it combines the feature highlights of the series with an exclusive price advantage.
The arrival of GRUNDODRILL JCS/ACS130 demonstrates our strong market position as technical leader. After extensive research and market engagement, we proudly announce the start of production of the new GRUNDODRILL generation. Our customers can soon experience the future of trenchless technology. The jet drilling rig JCS130 is now available and the rock drilling rig ACS130 will be available early 2021.

We are breaking new ground with the FIRST EDITION. Our customers will receive a machine, which is as extensively equipped as possible, including unique digital features that pave the way for autonomous drilling.

Maximun customer experience
One important focus for TRACTO in development of the FIRST EDITION is our customer. They can soon look forward to an outstanding package. In co-operation with our manufacturing & assembly specialists, our supply partners and product engineers, we can guarantee superior equipment quality.

The FIRST EDITION, due to its serial character, allows the integration of many features, which would normally be priced options. At the same time, we want to further increase the quality using serial work processes. We have especially focused on the price, to enable our customers to work quickly and profitably with the new GRUNDODRILL generation. Furthermore, our customers can choose important options, such as the anchor bore unit. We have included this option as standard equipment, which can be customised before delivery without affecting the manufacturing process.
The essence of a great product

A GRUNDODRILL is an investment for many years. To offer certain features only as options does not make sense from our point of view. If we did, we would not live up to our claim and promise to provide advanced trenchless technology.

This includes, for instance, a wireless remote control and equipment for remote-controlled drilling.

These features are the core of the new generation, and they will gradually be added to all performance classes. With the increase in automation and digitalisation, we have paved the way to autonomous drilling. The efficiency and precision of the new GRUNDODRILL generation enables our customers to be one step ahead of their competitors in the tough competition for drilling contracts.

Innovations with foresight
The JCS130 and ACS130 FIRST EDITION epitomises the core values of TRACTO: precision and performance in trenchless technology that directly contribute to the customers success. We now move forward with confidence to develop further innovations with the same passion and foresight.

And there is still a small but fine degree of freedom, which we gain with the FIRST EDITION: We want to be able to supply on short notice, because we don’t manufacture the machine individually on order. This is our response to the current market pressure in the construction industry surrounding delivery times and investment behaviour. 

The JSC130 and ACS130 FIRST EDITION – our performance promise to our customers.
Discover all the feature highlights of the FIRST EDITION
Other Features​
- Bentonite suction and mud pump
- High-pressure cleaner, fresh water tank and drill rod cleaning
- Hydraulic anchor plate
- Camera surveyance 
- Clamping device
- All-round lighting
- The “Cockpit” Software
- Tank for anti-freeze

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