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Intensive cooperation with suppliers leads to improved quality through less downtimes


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A powerful and reliable bore rig is essential to the success of trenchless excavation projects. HDD rig is a complex piece of machinery that must be rigorously manufactured to work on arduous job sites productively and efficiently. TRACTO rigs are built to perform and to this end pro-active suppliers that understand the needs and demands of the construction industry are important, especially those that undertake their own continuous improvement processes.

TRACTO has been working on a scheme called ‘Learning from Suppliers’ since March 2019. We held workshops in partnership with suppliers to learn from their experience and to discuss new ideas for further development. These ideas are now being actively incorporate into the design of components.

One of the first supplier days focused on the development of the GRUNDODRILL JCS / ACS 130. This new HDD rig is unique both nationally and internationally and includes innovative features such as remote-control drilling. The aim of this is not only to supply the best quality, most innovative machine technology, but to deliver real benefits to customers. We help them achieve greater efficiency and productivity through continuous product development, including less downtime. By working closely with TRACTO suppliers optimised their own components to help us improve machine quality.

The workshop was a great success and provided us with many valuable outputs. The teams consisting of employees from TRACTO and suppliers were able to improve individual components in their work groups and thereby improve the quality and reliability of GRUNDODRILL. All participants in the workshop were highly enthusiastic and the scheme will now become a blueprint for future cooperation with other customers and partners.

TRACTO engineers also incorporate customer experience and feedback into the continuous improvement of existing machines and into the design of future Nodig systems.

The team at TRACTO is very excited about the result.

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