In Focus Product: GRUNDOPIT Mini HDD rigs


Complicated bore path and very tight space? A job for a steerable GRUNDOPIT mini HDD rig. The compact and versatile mini bore rigs can be used for trenchless pipe installations in places previously thought impossible.

systems are used for the installation of pipes over short distances, or for house connections that require the steerability of a bore head due to a complex bore path. This is often the case for bores taking place in existing infrastructures, confined spaces or challenging terrains such as slopes and/or difficult soils. Compact Mini-bore rigs fill the gap between non-steerable soil displacement hammers and steerable Midi-HDD-bore rigs.

GRUNDOPIT Mini-bore rigs are flexible and economical thanks to long service life, wear and tear, exceptional productivity and low fuel consumption. Compact and easy to handle these bore rigs can handle house connections and longitudinal installations over shorter distances with minimal impact on the local surroundings. The compact footprint of the machine means that excavation pits are quick to dig and require minimal excavating. Depending on the requirements there is a choice of three versatile models for starting from a pit or keyhole.

GRUNDOPIT PS40 – Innovation for the last mile
The GRUNDOPIT PS40, TRACTO’s smallest Mini-HDD bore rig, was developed for quick, close-to-the surface house connections and fits inside a particularly shallow pit with a width of just 1m. It is particularly suitable for FTTH connections from the footpath, where there are underground fibre-glass networks in many areas. It is also possible to connect domestic water or electricity from an existing pipe network using the PS40 ‘nimble high-flyer’ thanks to its 40 kN of thrust and pulling force even through challenging soils.

GRUNDOPIT PS60 – Powerful quick starter
The GRUNDOPIT PS60 is at its best in difficult terrains and complex, demanding soils. The powerful pit drilling rig has a pushing and pulling force of 60 kN so that all types and longitudinal installations up to 100 m in length can be completed quickly and efficiently from a small pit or, if necessary, directly from a cellar. The GRUNDOPIT PS60 has a powerful stroke despite its compact overall dimensions and it can quickly pass under roads, rivers or streams using drill rods with an effective length of 750 mm.

GRUNDOPIT KS50 – Innovative and minimally invasive
The innovative Keyhole-Method reduces civil engineering to an absolute minimum. With the specially developed GRUNDOPIT KS50 the steerable bore is started from a tiny circular excavation pit (Keyhole Ø 65 cm) directly above the main service line. This method ensures that house connections are installed straight into the house or into a small installation pit in front of the house with minimal impact on the local neighbourhood. All connection work is carried out above ground and the keyhole is then restored with the previously extracted drill core, avoiding additional asphalting work or consequential damages.

The Keyhole-Process
The GRUNDOPIT Highlights
  • Steerable, powerful and easy to handle
  • Start from a pit or Keyhole
  • For difficult terrains and soils
  • Minimal excavation pits, flat bores
  • Short set-up time, quick assembly and disassembly
  • Long service life, high productivity
Job site video

Steep rise with GRUNDOPIT PS60


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