“To drill a really good stretch in the shortest possible time.”
was the request of TRACTO customer Kraftteam when the team around Tomasz von Janta Lipinski decided on the GRUNDODRILL 28Nplus. Krafteam, a specialist in backbone installation for fibre optic expansion, depends on a reliable, efficient machine for trenchless pipe installation. The 28-tonne bore rig is a powerhouse among the TRACTO HDD rigs and with bore lengths of up to 500 metres, it is for contractors who need to install multiple metres without trenches. Ideal, therefore, for fast, economical and efficient backbone drilling.

A good system needs more
There is more to a good complete drilling system than just a bore rig. The full package of technology includes a truck and Tridem trailer to ensure safe transport of equipment to site as well as a seamless drilling process. What sounds like a costly investment is mitigated by TRACTO Finance. You are probably already aware of our other finance plans, but we would now like to introduce you to the instalment payment model citing the experience of Krafteam.  

  “We were convinced by the machine's capabilities right from the start. The 28Nplus is perfect for our requirements to drill really long distances,” says Tomasz von Janta Lipinski, Managing Director of Krafteam, in an interview with the Insider editorial team. “In order to be able to optimise machine usage, we also needed a truck with the complete set-up and a trailer. This was obviously a large investment,” Tomasz added. Complete HDD package first-hand This is where TRACTO Finance comes in: We offer various financial solutions for the most varied customer requirements. Our financial experts know exactly which solution is the right one for each customer. The GRUNDODRILL trailer for Krafteam is the perfect example of a classic hire purchase. The customer purchases the complete package first-hand and pays one monthly instalment for the duration of the leasing contract.

The advantages of hire purchase at a glance
Financing a bore rig through hire purchase has many advantages: on the one hand, the machine finances itself with the revenues it generates and on the other hand, the contractor can take economic ownership of the machine, the truck and the trailer with the initial instalment. While the drilling rig is working it is earning money to pay the instalments, the entire package gradually becomes the property of the customer and is still part of the permanent fleet when the machine has already worked many hours and needs to be replaced by a new one. 
Any subsequent drilling rigs can be bought on finance with significantly lower investment costs than the original package afterwards. An operate lease deal would be one such option. According to Tomasz: “this method of financing is really easy. All the equipment comes from a single source and we only pay one monthly instalment. And the best thing about it: thanks to the good guidance, we don't have to worry about anything anymore.” Are you also interested in a potential financing? The experts at TRACTO Finance will surely have the right model for your requirements and wishes. A non-binding consultation is definitely worthwhile.

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TRACTO Finance solutions:
  • LOAN: Provides the capital to acquire the equipment
  • LEASING: Provides the machine technology for an agreed period with various options 
  • OPERATE LEASE: Defined leasing period
  • HIRE PURCHASE: Outright ownership of the equipment at the end of the hire purchase period

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