The GRUNDODRILL 28Nplus combines top performance with efficiency and user-friendliness. That's why HDD users around the world rely on this powerhouse to solve drilling tasks of the most varied requirements and degrees of difficulty.

In its performance class, the 28Nplus consistently impresses with peak values: 280 kN thrust and pulling force, 650 l/min drilling fluid volume, 11,000 Nm torque, 224 kW drive. However, the true strength of TRACTO's most powerful HDD rig lies in the interaction of all of these forces. Because ultimately, the efficiency of a HDD rig does not depend on individually achievable peak values, but on the total output that can be transferred into the ground during drilling operations. This is exactly what the GRUNDODRILL 28Nplus is a prime example of.

100 % Drilling performance, 100 % Productivity
To understand what makes the GRUNDODRILL 28Nplus a top performer, it is worth taking a look at the whole design and its components. The heart of the machine is the powerful Diesel engine. Its immense 224 kW are converted 100% into drive force and make the simultaneous operation of the main functions of rotation, flushing and push/pull under full load is possible at all times. Due to the infinitely variable adjustment of torque and speed, these forces can be optimally adapted to the available ground conditions and drilling tools. The constantly high flushing performance ensures fast drilling progress, even with large back reamer diameters. To ensure that even longer lengths can be installed quickly, the 28Nplus is equipped with a magazine containing 288 m drill rods on board and an automatic drill rod loading system.

For all its power, the GRUNDODRILL 28Nplus is a silent drilling rig with a compact footprint. The highly efficient motor is economical in consumption, super-silenced and low emission. Thanks to its low weight and compact design, the rig can be transported on a truck trailer and manoeuvres easily in limited spaces. It’s extra-wide undercarriage with support plates is also in a class of its own. The bore rig operator conveniently controls all functions and operating modes at the touch of a button via two multifunctional joysticks inside a comfortable operating cabin.

100 % Reliability in action
That you can count on the GRUNDODRILL 28Nplus in practice is confirmed by users at home and abroad. For example, the experts at Paasch Rohrleitungsbau, whose application fields are mainly the sensitive coastal regions in northern Germany. “For demanding applications, we rely on the powerful 28Nplus. With its consistently high drilling performance, we can reliably manage long bores with large diameters, even when things get tight along the way”, according to site manager Guido Röhlich.

At the other end of the world, in the complex soils of Australia, the qualities of the GRUNDODRILL 28Nplus are equally appreciated. As for example Melbourne based contractor Jelmac, specialists in horizontal directional drilling across Victoria, who recently purchased a new 28Nplus. Always looking for ways to improve their business it seemed a logical next step to add a more technologically advanced HDD machine to their fleet. The fact that TRACTO Australia had equipment on-hand in the country, which was available for immediate delivery, made the purchase decision even easier.


GRUNDODRILL 28Nplus Highlights 

- 224 kW drive for bore mode
- 280 tons thrust and pulling force 
- 650 l/min drilling fluid capacity
- low Diesel consumption
- low noise and emissions 
- 288 m drill rods on board 
- maximal stability under full load
- low space requirements, easy transportation
- high operating comfort
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