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Who wouldn’t like to carry out an upcoming pipe installation with the latest drilling technology? All TRACTO’s HDD customers have had this opportunity since March. The tour package, consisting of the GRUNDODRILL ACS130, a fully equipped truck and a team of TRACTO HDD experts is currently on the road throughout the whole of Germany and being used free of charge on customer’s jobsites. 

Bore rig operators everywhere have been truly thrilled. Peter Paskaly from the Matthias Ruppert Company in Esch is one of them and had this to say. “This is a really good machine. At first, I had to get used to the joysticks, as it is a new experience, but after only two weeks I really got the hang of it.” 

What is the main advantage our customers have on this GRUNDODRILL Tour? The fact they can test the premium bore rig on their own jobsites under their own individual working conditions. This allows them to answer numerous vital questions themselves, such as: Can the machine stand up to their expected drilling requirements? Basically, does it live up to what it promises? Are the machine operators satisfied with the handling and ease of operation? All these questions can be answered while testing it live in practice, while getting to know all the functions of the highly automated bore rig. At the same time, the TRACTO team provides active support on site, which is really appreciated by the customers. When it comes to performance and comfort, the new GRUNDODRILL Generation scores particularly well, but the very quiet operation is also another convincing factor. So far, the TRACTO Tour has been a complete success and our customers and the TRACTO team involved are enthusiastic.

The GRUNDODRILL Tour gives our customers the opportunity to explore and test the latest drilling technology. A huge benefit, not only for our customers, but also for TRACTO, as the knowledge gained from practical use can flow directly into the further development of the HDD rigs. Definitely a win-win situation.

GRUNDODRILL Tour Information
  • The GRUNDODRILL ACS130 has been on tour since March 2021
  • In August the GRUNDODRILL JCS130 also joined the tour
  • The tour is scheduled until the end of 2021
Tour Information: Karin Schulte 
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