Success stories often begin when a solution is found to an annoying problem.
At last, the long wait is over and finally the new, freshly asphalted main road running past your own front door is ready. But wait, all of a sudden you are told it has to be ripped apart again. Now who wouldn’t be truly annoyed about that? Well, Paul Schmidt, engineer and founder of TRACTO, certainly was, when the main road passing his home and the factory had just been completed, only to find out that an existing pipe now needed renewing. This meant part of this new road was turned into a long deep trench.
This annoying construction project proved to be a turning point in the history of pipeline installations. While everybody else was expressing their anger and frustration about this jobsite, Paul Schmidt sat down and started to think about whether a machine already existed, which could install pipes without the need to excavate the road. He searched everywhere, but couldn’t find any information on such a product, or any machine, which was similar in any way to the idea he already had in his mind. He had always had an innovative spirit and he couldn’t stop thinking about this image he had. After a few sleepless nights his idea of a pneumatically driven, twin stroke soil displacement hammer, with a movable head was born.

The first soil displacement hammer was even constructed personally by Paul himself and he even helped to manufacture it. Numerous tests were carried out, but the TRACTO-Team already had a strong feeling, this product was going to be a huge success story and lead the way in the field of trenchless pipe installations.
That is exactly what happened. Gradually, more and more contractors heard the news about this new machine, which could install pipes underground, without the need to excavate roads. Soon requests were coming in to see this machine in action and after watching demonstrations, everybody was enthusiastic about this new tool. This is how the GRUNDOMAT soil displacement hammer took off in Germany, gaining more and more importance, which soon spread to many additional countries the world over.

Company founder Paul Schmidt

GRUNDOMAT benefits at a glance
  • High penetration power and reliable propulsion during pipe installation
  • Target precise accuracy with 2-stroke method, thanks to the movable head design
  • With a crowned or stepped head for pipe installations, ensures perfect results even in difficult ground formations
  • For house connections and undercrossings up to lengths of 25 m
  • Long service life, low maintenance technology ‘Made in Germany‘
  • Flexible and numerous application possibilities

Nowadays pipe installations without GRUNDOMAT are almost unthinkable. With its high target precision accuracy for short under crossings it is an ideal tool for house connections. This is one of the main reasons why the TRACTO customer mih GmbH became aware of the trenchless technology. The company from Horstmar in North Rhine Westphalia is a specialist in the field of fibre-optic installations and one of TRACTO’s strongest GRUNDOMAT customers in Germany. True to their company motto “Connecting people. Creating the future digitally” they are constantly equipping whole towns with highspeed fibre-optic networks.

3.500 fibre-optic connections
The soil displacement hammer always plays a decisive role when mih GmbH plan their installation tasks. Homeowners can be sure, wherever the team of experts from this civil engineering company carry out their tasks, the gardens of their homes will remain untouched. This was the reason why Glasfaser Nordwest commissioned mih GmbH to install around 3,500 fibre-optic connections in the small town of Hude, near Bremen from autumn 2021. Residents and businesses in this area will have access to modern FTTH connections, which will enable up to

1,000 Mbit/s. Hajriz Brcvak, managing director at mih GmbH, was already very enthusiastic about this project, “With the GRUNDOMAT soil displacement hammer from TRACTO we are able to install fibre-optic house connections very fast and precisely without disturbing the residents with the usual dirt and noise you might expect from this type of jobsite. We have been working with TRACTO’s machines for several years now and are always thrilled and totally satisfied with them. They have never let us down.”

Managing Directors
Hajriz Brcvac
Goran Dimov

Company locations in 
  • Germany
  • Bosnia
  • Montenegro
  • Slovenia
  • Netherlands
  • Belgium
  • Austria
House connections planned up to 2023

20.000 households in Zeeland
mih GmbH is a full-service provider and offers all necessary services in connection with fibre-optic installations from one single source. From the planning and conception of the network, then the civil engineering tasks, installation and connection to the respective households, right through to the coordination of deadlines with the homeowners. All this helps to ensure the whole task is carried out efficiently, while keeping any disruptions for the local residents down to an absolute minimum. Therefore, it is no real surprise that they have already received another large contract. Starting this autumn, around 20,000 households in Zeeland/Netherlands will be connected to a modern fibre-optic network on behalf of KPN. One thing you can be sure of, the GRUNDOMAT soil displacement hammer will play a vital role in this construction project as well.  
Fast installation of all types of service lines
Of course, many other TRACTO customers have also seen great success with GRUNDOMAT soil displacement hammers, as they perfectly suit house connections in particular and it doesn’t really matter whether it’s a gas pipe, water pipe or telecommunication service line needs to be installed. After almost 60 years experience, one thing TRACTO can also be sure about. The freshly asphalted road in front of the company headquarters will never be torn up again.
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