In good company: GRUNDOPIT installs a fibre-optic cable line

Fast data line Installation

Even in our home region, digitalisation is advancing in leaps and bounds, which is why more and more companies are being connected to the fast fibre-optic network. This is also the case for the company Hanses Meschede-Remblinghausen. The specialist for sawmill technology is dependent on a fast and stable internet and therefore the Telekom, who already had some really good experience with the keyhole method, commissioned TRACTO for a further demo construction site.

The keyhole method is able to convince over again, especially with fibre-optic connections. Due to the circular excavation pit, this technology is applicable at jobsites with extremely limited space. The traffic in the surrounding area is not disturbed and the front gardens of the homeowners remain untouched.

In Remblinghausen the TRACTO experts for trenchless construction, installed three 22 m length speed pipes in a bundle, in order to connect the company to the existing fibre-optic network. Drilling was started this time from a square starting pit 70 x 90 cm, directly in the pavement. With the keyhole method the starting pit can be adapted to each individual jobsite situation, so the start can basically be carried out from either a circular or square pit.

The ground for the task in Meschede consisted of filling material and therefore had both hard and soft soil sections. The GRUNDOPIT KS50 mastered the various demands on the technology without any problems, just like the 6% slope along the bore path. The bore crossed underneath a riverbank and the front garden of the Hanses company building at a depth of 65 cm.
As numerous spectators visited the demo jobsite, the TRACTO specialists not only carried out the bore task, but also explained the whole process in greater detail – nevertheless, the installation was completed within five hours. Thanks to TRACTO’s minimally invasive technology, the Hanses company is now also digitally up to speed and the keyhole technology was able to convince once again.

Finally, the bore core is re-inserted and cemented. 

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