Dear Readers,

you are currently reading the latest issue of our INSIDER and I am delighted to say, that this is already the fourth issue in our new design.
An eventful second quarter is now behind us and a truly exciting half-year lies ahead for TRACTO, because it is a BAUMA-year. In October, the world’s largest construction machinery trade fair opens its doors and once again, we will be there. The preparations are currently in full swing and we will be showing many new and innovative products, but we will also give you, dear readers, the opportunity to see the tried and tested TRACTO machines. Also, we have come up with something special for drilling rig operators – but you can find out more about this in the BAUMA special edition of the TRACTO INSIDER.

A new product we will be showing you at BAUMA 2022, is our GRUNDOSTEER guided rod pusher, which is already available for you to order. In the inside section you can find out all about the advantages of the small pit device, or simply invite us to one of your next jobsites for a demonstration. I am sure that the GRUNDOSTEER will be able to convince you as much as it convinced me.

Of course, our INSIDER is once again packed with great jobsite reports. Again and again, I am thrilled to see how sustainable the trenchless technology is. We now know that trenchless jobsites can be completed much faster than open trench jobsites. And if we then look at the CO2 emissions of a closed jobsite, everyone should be convinced that it makes sense to use trenchless technology. In this issue of TRACTO INSIDER, our “In Numbers” column once again provides you with reasonable arguments to convince anyone who still has doubts.

The need for infrastructure is greater today than ever before and we spoke to an expert about how great this makes the potential for trenchless technology. His answer to this will surprise you, as he sees the NODIG technology as the only acceptable method for pipeline construction. Trenchless technologies should play a decisive role in all pipelines which are to be installed or renewed in the future, because its enormous advantages for the environment and the public make it a real alternative to the open-trench method.

If you don’t count yourself as one of the “old hands” in the trenchless technology field, then you should read the report about our young starters. Individual entrepreneurs, who rely on trenchless pipe installation methods and have shown the courage to set up their own business in the field of directional drilling. The success of the young entrepreneurs proves them right, trenchless technology is a technology of the future and I also firmly believe in this. At TRACTO, we rely on NODIG-technology, as you can see from our product range, and we are able to cover every type of pipe installation and renewal. There really is no task in pipeline construction that we are not able to carry out trenchless.

Now I hope you enjoy reading INSIDER #4.

Sincerely yours

Meinolf Rameil
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