Dear Readers,

If you ask me what the world of tomorrow will look like, there is only one logical answer: trenchless. Because a trenchless world is also a better world to live in. We at TRACTO live this idea every day,[NC]because as the only full-range supplier of trenchless machines for all applications in pipe installation and rehabilitation, we know exactly where the potential of this future technology lies.

If we look at the issue of water loss alone, we get a frightening picture of the state of the world's pipeline networks, which suppliy us with valuable drinking water every day. 346 million litres of drinking water are lost every day through leaks in the pipeline system; if just 30 % of these dilapidated pipes were rehabilitated, an additional 800 million people could be supplied with treated drinking water. When you consider the potential of trenchless technologies, the opportunities for our industry are enormous and we at TRACTO are ready to take advantage of them.

I`m convinced that in the future more and more pipes and cables will be laid in the ground without trenches. Think of the world's old cities, with their narrow, cobbled streets - it is often impossible to dig them up. There is no room for a large excavator or other heavy equipment, yet every day thousands of litres of precious drinking water are lost through the pipes under these streets. The only way to stop the water loss is to rehabilitate or renew the pipes without digging. And rehabilitation is urgently needed because global water consumption is increasing every day as the population grows. Some 2.3 billion people already live in countries with acute water shortages. We can no longer afford to lose water due to leaks in the pipe system, because saving water is and will become enormously important in order to provide everyone with valuable drinking water.

For me, it is only logical to rely more on NODIG technologies, because the trenchless method, whether for renovation or new installations, protects surfaces and the environment, actively contributes to the reduction of CO2 on construction sites and is more cost-effective than conventional construction methods. That is why we at TRACTO have long recognised the opportunity and focused on trenchless technology. Through continuous growth, we are building a future in which fewer roads are torn up and more pipes are buried in a closed construction method. We are comitted to the future into trenchless technologies and would like to take you with us on the journey to a trenchless future. That's why, in the fifth edition of our TRACTO INSIDER, we're once again giving you good reasons why the trenchless installation method is the right alternative for installing and renewing pipes.

I hope you enjoy reading this issue of TRACTO INSIDER.

Yours sincerely
Timotheus Hofmeister
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